Selasa, 24 Desember 2013

Evolution EL-P

Rp 620.000
Speed   9.2
Spin   9.3
Control   9.1
Tackiness   1.3 - Slightly tacky
Throw Angle   4.7 - Medium
Weight   6.3 - Medium-heavy
Sponge Hardness   6.0 - Medium
Gears   7.5 - Above average gears
Durability   9.4 - Lasts a long time!
Consistency   10.0
Evolution EL-P from TIBHAR is the most elastic rubber of the Evolution rubber series. EL-P with its medium sponge perfectly fits in between the harder MX-P and the softer FX-P. The selected pimple geometry of the elastic EL-P does not even come close to the other Evolution versions in terms of Spin and speed. Very precise and powerful strokes can be realised at half distance or at the table. Evolution EL-P: chosen by most of the Topspin players for whom the MX version is too hard and the FX version too soft, however putting the emphasis on rotation and power!

PRO-TENSION rubber surface is grippy and rich in spin, with perfect elasticity and stability. 
RED POWER SPONGE is bright red, open porous, and spectacular. Adapts perfectly to the situation.
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