Selasa, 24 Desember 2013

Evolution MX-P

Rp 620.000
Speed   9.7
Spin   9.4
Control   9.1
Tackiness   1.8 - Slightly tacky
Throw Angle   6.0 - Medium-high
Weight   6.3 - Medium-heavy
Sponge Hardness   7.2 - Medium-hard
Gears   8.5 - Many gears
Durability   8.5 - Lasts longer than average
Consistency   10.0
Extra adhering PRO rubber surface, hard POWER sponge - maximum speed and extraordinary high spin potential.

This version confers the highest dynamic and thus makes MX-P the fastest rubber of the EVOLUTION rubber family. Thanks to the perfect adjustment of the pimple geometry we managed to produce a rubber with more flexibility conferring to attacking balls extra energy. Thanks to this specificity, MX-P is very well adapted to any player's game, making no concession in terms of speed and spin. The ball/bat contact time of the MX-P is a little bit longer than the reference time, thus conferring much more sensation.

Evolution MX-P: chosen by topspin players willing to feel the necessary pressure of their strokes at the table and at half distance.
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